Introducing… Me.

Hello and Hi! In case you hadn’t figured out from the lack of content, I’m new! Everyone is new at something during their lifetime – with any luck many things – but regardless, being new always feels a little bit blah. There’s always the awkward introductions with obligatory feet shuffling when you don’t know what to say, not to mention the shifting of eyes because you don’t want to stare someone down when you first make their acquaintance, but you also don’t want to come across as uninterested by not making quite enough eye contact. And of course there’s the incessant rambling flowing from your mouth preventing you from getting to the point… whatever that point may be.

In this instance, my point is that I’m new. What I’m new at is blogging. What I’m going to blog about is everything I think is rather nifty! Hence the name. I’m sure you all got that already, but one can never be too certain about these things. Don’t want to get on my high horse just yet. After all, I am new. Though I do know exactly what you’re all thinking right now. You’re thinking that anything I believe to be nifty is a rather broad area to talk about. For all you know I could go on to blog about utter garbage. My intent is not to do that, though what constitutes garbage is a very individual thing.

My plan is to have this blog focus on hair and beauty, with some crafty fun thrown in for good measure.  So without further ado, I introduce you to niftynatter! I’m looking forward to jumping in on this new hobby/project/time-filler/whatever this is, with gusto!

Until next time!

xo,  Nifty.

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