Warning!! Fake makeup on eBay!

This is a message for all you makeup junkies out there. DO NOT purchase high end makeup products (or any makeup for that matter) from eBay. Just don’t do it! Don’t ever consider it, and certainly don’t tell yourself it will work out fine, because it won’t! It doesn’t matter how excited you are to have found a real bargain on something you’ve been coveting for what feels like an eternity, in most cases you’re just going to get ripped off.

Let me tell you a little story. About 2 years ago I started watching makeup and beauty videos on youtube and came across dozens of youtube beauty gurus banging on about Urban Decay products, in particular eyeshadow. I’m relatively late to the makeup party (and I mean late – I’m almost 25), so I hadn’t ever heard of the brand. It wasn’t long until I was completely hooked on the idea of getting the Naked2 palette. I considered the original Naked palette, but decided that as I have fair skin and blue eyes, the Naked2 would suit me more. By this point I knew that I couldn’t buy UD products in Australia, so I took myself straight off to eBay.

It wasn’t hard to find what I wanted, I even managed to find a seller based in Australia. I had assumed this seller purchased in bulk direct from UD (oh how naive I was). Let me just say the palette wasn’t cheap either, I paid full price in AUS dollars, plus postage, so never considered that the product wasn’t genuine.

When I received the palette I was so happy! I used it all the time, never really thinking much about it other than I was pleased with my purchase. In hindsight I did think that the shadows weren’t all that great and didn’t exactly live up to the hype on youtube, but I didn’t have anything to compare to so just continued to happily use the palette.

Of course I wanted more UD products, 1 palette just isn’t enough is it? By this stage the Vice palette was on the market. I actually purchased the Vice palette from eBay as well, and I’m happy to report that this was the real thing. It was only after getting the Vice palette that I noticed something was off with the quality of the shadows from the Naked2. Even though I had these little niggling thoughts about the quality of the Naked2 palette, I continued to use it and be relatively happy with it for a long time. I now own the Vice 2 palette as well,  which I purchased direct from UD using myus.com. Once again the thoughts about the quality of the shadow in my Naked2 palette reared their ugly head.

Months later I finally decided to do a little research on UD products. By this stage my Naked2 looks a little worse for wear, the tin case has started to go rusty, which I was pretty peeved about considering how much I had paid for it. Turns out my Naked2 palette is a FAKE! I was devastated. I still am. This epiphany that I had been scammed only occurred 3 days ago.  So lesson learnt, I will never be purchasing makeup from eBay again. It’s too hard to verify authenticity.

Moral of the story? I wasted a good $70 on a fake product all because I got swept up in the excitement of it all. I have since placed an order with UD for a real Naked2 palette, and a few other goodies as well.

Keep your eyes peeled for a real vs fake Naked2 post soon.

xo, Nifty.

6 thoughts on “Warning!! Fake makeup on eBay!

      • Harmony says:

        Will you post some pictures of your Vice 2? Since it’s not available on their site anymore, I would like to find a real one on ebay… surely one must be out there! How can I confirm whether it’s real or fake prior to purchasing?


  1. Chris says:

    I always wonder if they ever fake any of the other palettes besides the Nakeds. Like the Vices or Ammos, etc. I have 4 UD palettes, & I got them all from Ulta, Sephora, or UD directly, so I have no experience with ebay & fake palettes. But with all the talk about the Fake Nakeds, it made me wonder. I can’t recall hearing anything about fake Vice palettes or seeing ‘real vs. fake’ type videos for them. I have the Vice 2, but would LOVE to have the first Vice as well, & at this point the only place I’d ever find it would be on the secondary market. I think either way I’d just be too leary of it, but still, made me curious.


    • Tami says:

      Yes, there are fake Vice palettes. I have a friend that got one off ebay. Same deal, no product code..it was made well color wise except for stash..olive green it’s supposed to be, but was a murky brown and a few other colors really stood out as “not the same” – we compared with a real one…it’s also very powdery smelling like most of the other fakes and they don’t apply in the same manner. Otherwise it’s hard to tell out of a lineup – if you really want one from ebay, ask for a photo of the product code. If it’s real, they should happily do this. it will be on the side of the vice 2 box as well as the back of the palette. It’s very hard to find an authentic vice 2…there are not wholesellers that dole these out. They are no longer in production so the best bet is to get one from a person who scooped up a bunch of real ones and will be selling them for double the price once they can’t be found anymore. I don’t like paying double though so that’s up to you. I hope this helps – Again I am happy to see blogs posting about this because the fakes are damaging to urban decay and their quality and it’s a real issue out there.


  2. Tami says:

    I have seen these..the real urban decay palettes have the product code on the box & palette. Only the Naked 1 seems to be without that on the back of the palette itself and maybe that’s because of the soft cover. The rest have that stamp on their palettes. Anyway, always look for that. Some of the fakes are really convincing. I got some as a comparison for a vlog I did on the Nakeds and wow…the ones I got were close except for some minor differences in the shades, a distinctive powdery smell, did not perform the same and the biggest thing? No product code. That was the biggest thing….otherwise the fake could have easily gotten past me if I had nothing to compare it with. It’s sad because the fakes out there hurt urban decay’s reputation. They are not made of the same formulation, do not perform as well or last as long. I like to spread awareness and always recommend to buy from reputable dealers…Sephora, Ulta or Urban Decay themselves. I’m not a fan of buying Urban Decay off ebay. ebay is great for many other items…I don’t feel makeup is one of them.


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