Review: Stila In The Know Palette

IMG_0223Another day off, and another product review! This time, in case it wasn’t clear enough already, I’ll be looking at the Stila in the know eye shadow palette. I’d been wanting more neutral matte eyeshadows for ages. The few mattes scattered in my naked palettes just weren’t cutting it anymore. I did consider getting some makeup geek shadows, however I was overwhelmed by the choice and decided that a palette would be my best bet. I did some research on matte shadow palettes and decided on Stila’s matte shadow offering.

The palette is made of cardboard (I gotta say, slightly bummed by this) that is a pretty shade of blue with metallic details embossed on the front. I can’t comment on how well the cardboard packaging will hold up as it lives in my makeup draw with all my other palettes. I imagine it will likely show some wear and tear if you’re planning to travel with this in your makeup bag, so keep that in mind. This wouldn’t deter me from packing this when travelling though, I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that the packaging won’t remain as pristine as when first opened, some damage is inevitable.

IMG_0227The palette houses 10 matte neutral eye shadows ranging from light to dark. Look how pretty these colours are! They are all very earthy tones (which explains why the shade names are inspired by nature). The consistency is nice and smooth, if a little powdery. They aren’t on par with my Urban Decay matte shadows, but very usable nonetheless. They blend well, however it does take a little more patience than blending shimmery shadows. Lets look at some swatches, shall we?

IMG_0228Here’s the top row of the palette! Shade names from left to right; air, wind, desert, clay and earth.

I’ve inserted a huge picture to save me form describing the shades, mainly because I’m lazy, but also so you guys can get a good view of what the colours look like. I tend to use the colour on the far left (air) as a base shadow and subtle highlight. For girls with darker skin tones than me, this might be your perfect matte highlight shade! I love using the colour in the middle (desert) as a transition shade because it adds some warmth to my eye looks.

IMG_0233Here’s the bottom row of the palette. Shade names from left to right; driftwood, fire, rain, smoke and ebony.

I love this bottom row so much! Look at that amazing red/brick colour! Fire is easily the most pigmented colour of the bunch, but is also the most challenging to use. I’ve been applying the middle shade (rain) all over my lids for the last few days, blended out to get rid of any harsh lines, and it looks great for daily wear just on it’s own. The matte black doesn’t look like anything special in the swatch, but it doesn’t matter much to me as I don’t wear a lot of black shadow anyway.

I must point out to you that all of these shades show up more pigmented with a good eyeshadow base. I always use Urban Decay’s primer potion, but they would work just as well with mac paint pots or Nars’ eyeshadow base. Whatever base is to your preference really. A good base also helps with fall out. As mentioned earlier, these shadows are a little powdery, so make sure you tap off the excess and pat to apply rather than swipe.

Last of all, here is an eye look I created using only this palette. IMG_0242IMG_0241Here’s a list of what I used where, and please excuse the less than perfect winged liner – I’m still practicing.

Base: Urban Decay anti-aging primer potion

All over base shade: Air

Transition shade: Desert

Inner half of lid: Rain

Outer half of lid: Driftwood

Crease: Earth

For a touch of warmth above the crease: Fire

Outer V: Ebony

Lower lash line: Diftwood, blended out with desert and a tiny bit of Fire.

Brow bone and inner corner highlight: Air

I used Urban Decay’s perversion glide on pencil liner for the tight line and waterline, Maybelline’s master precise liquid liner pen for the winged liner, and of course, my Covergirl clump crusher mascara for the lashes.


What do you guys think of this palette? Do any of you own this palette? What kind of eye looks have you created? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

xo, Nifty.

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