Sheet mask haul & review

I’m back!!! Bringing to you a haul and review on the sheet masks I picked up recently when I was in Japan. To be honest, I didn’t do a whole lot of shopping while in Japan. This was mainly because I spent loads of my money on actually seeing Japan, and eating my way up and down the country (The higher number on the bathroom scales proves it). That being said I did manage to grab a handful of sheet masks to take home with me.

I did a small amount of research on sheet masks and came across the brand Pure Smile, so I decided to keep my eyes peeled for these at the Japanese drugstores. Turns out I didn’t need to look too hard, these were an easy spot, so I kinda just grabbed one of every type that looked like I might enjoy it and called it a day. These were about 180 yen each, so to put it in perspective that’s about $2 Aussie dollars – such a bargain! I also grabbed a random one that just looked pretty, it’s the purple one in the pic below.


On to my thoughts! I waited until I was back home on Aussie turf to actually test these out, and this was so hard! I desperately wanted to rip one open as soon as I got back to the hotel but I stopped myself so I could write about it for you guys. Plus it makes me happy to have some extra inspiration for this little blog of mine, I know I’m not exactly the most consistent of posters….. my bad.

Last night I decided to test out the royal jelly one, mainly because I’ve been really desperate for some honey and thought it was a fitting choice. So desperate in fact that I bought a bucket of honey while doing the grocery shop today, literally a small bucket, with a handle and everything. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, the mask. I cracked this puppy open after my shower so I could put it on a nice clean, fresh face. The packet says that this mask contains vitamin E, collagen, hyaluronic acid and arbutin. I know what you’re thinking right here because I’m thinking the exact same – what the hell is arbutin? A quick google search reveals that it’s used as a skin lightening agent. Oh crap. That’s not exactly what I wanted in a sheet mask, I’m pretty pale as it is, I don’t really want to be any fairer, people would think I was ill or something. Come to think of it some people already do, I’m forever hearing “you look so pale today, are you feeling alright?”, along with, “You look so tired, are you ok?”, ugh. I hate that. Anyway I probably should have looked that up when I purchased but never mind, I’ll just make sure not to use these too frequently.


When I opened the packet and took the mask out it was super wet, but not dripping at all, and pretty slimey feeling. It comes out all folded up, and I was super paranoid that I was going to tear it while unfolding it, rendering it completely useless, so my advice – handle with care! I didn’t notice any strong fragrance, just that typical fresh cucumber scent a lot of skin care products seem to have. I smoothed this onto my face doing my best to line up the eye, nose and mouth holes, and quickly realised that these masks are not made for people with long noses. The tip of my nose missed out on royal jelly goodness, but it’s ok, I don’t think it minded too much.

I read some directions online and they all said to leave these masks on for 15 minutes, I left mine on for about 40 minutes. I even saved the mask once I removed it so I could take a few pics during day light to show you. I didn’t rinse my face after, I just kind of patted the residue in and left it at that. I can say that instantly my skin felt more hydrated and plump than it did before I put the mask on, which was pretty darn nice. My skin has been crazy dry what with the international travel and drastic change in weather, so it was a pleasant surprise that it was so effective.


This morning the overall condition of my skin was much the same, with a noticible boost in hydration. I haven’t noticed any change in fine lines, or skin texture in general. Nor have I noticed any lightening of my complexion (thank the lord). My skin does feel slightly plumper, and like I’m the moisturising queen. Though as the day has passed I’ve noticed one tiny little milia spot on the left side of my nose that wasn’t there yesterday. It’s not noticeable from a distance, but I know it’s there, which is kind of a bummer. However overall I think I had a positive outcome, I’d happily use another one in a week or so.

Would I recommend these sheet masks? Yes, definitely, the hydration they deliver to you skin is a nice boost, plus it’s always relaxing to pamper yourself a little, even if the results may not last a terribly long time. A word of warning though, make sure you read the label and do a quick search on any ingredients you aren’t  sure about. A lot of Japanese masks seem to contain the lightening ingredient I mentioned earlier, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m not entirely sure why the Japanese girls like skin lightening products, nor am I Japanese so I’m not in a position to comment, but it’s just not necessary for fair skinned caucasian ladies like myself.

My only issue is going to be sourcing these masks online once I’ve used all of them without spending a fortune. Maybe some of you can help out there and share with me your sources if you have them? Please? Pretty please?

Until next time guys,

xo, Nifty.

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