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You’d probably be right in saying that I have too many eyeshadow palettes, more palettes than I could ever use in a lifetime. What can I say? I just love collecting eyeshadow palettes. Eyeshadow is easily my favourite type of makeup, I simply can’t stop myself, even though I’ll probably never use up these beauties. With that being said, I thought it was about time I shared my stash of shadows, and this tag seemed like the perfect way to give you a glimpse into my little eyeshadow obsession.

IMG_0906IMG_0928 Best Packaging / Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Just look at the pretty purple packaging! I don’t exactly know how to describe the print, but it’s purple and pink and floral (I think), and just plain gorgeous. Who can possibly go past the jewelled UD on the top? Not me! The finish is also super easy to keep clean (unlike it’s little sister the original Vice Palette). It’s got a HUGE mirror that fills the entire inside surface of the lid, and it’s not too heavy, though I must admit it’s a little bulky for storage purposes. It also has this nifty button that opens the palette rather than a magnetic closure which seems nice and secure. The lid also opens to a useable position, it doesn’t fall flat onto the desk forcing you to prop it up against something in order to actually use the mirror. Genius!


IMG_0938Best Colour Payoff / Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows

I know this may technically be considered cheating to some of you, but I have all 20 of the MUG foiled shadows in a Z palette of their own, and I refer to it as my foiled shadows palette so, blow the rules, I’m including it anyway. These are just so pigmented! Look at those swatches, simply beautiful. Applying these with a finger gets you maximum colour payoff, it’s almost like cream shadows the way these apply.



IMG_0923Most Versatile / Urban Decay Naked 2 & 3 Palettes

I couldn’t decide between these two so I put in both. Again, yes, maybe I’m taking the easy way out but I don’t care! These palettes are both lovely in their own right, and both as versatile as each other. You can create a myriad of looks with either palette, or mix and match between them. These palettes will allow you to create almost any look you could think of, and who wouldn’t want that?



Best for Travel / Stila Nouveau Natural Palette

This is the smallest palette I own in terms of size, but it still has 12 shades like the Naked palettes, and there’s hardly any unused space between the shadow pans (which are a decent size). There’s a full size mirror in the lid, and a magnetic closure that’s pretty secure. This palette houses 7 mattes and 4 shimmer shades, and all of them are in the warm family – which suits me to a tee because they really bring out my blue eyes. Plus the infamous kitten shadow lives in this palette, which is one of my all time favourite shades. This little guy has everything I could want in a travel companion, and he’s not bad to look at either.

IMG_0919Biggest Regret / Sigma Creme De Couture Palette

I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered this palette, I’ve use it all of 2 times. The colours are beautiful, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t ever reach for them. The pigmentation isn’t stand out in this either, and the shadows are pretty powdery. Plus the packaging is a pain, there’s no mirror, and I always want to slide the lid over the bottom part of the palette when it’s open but it doesn’t fit, it’s so frustrating!



Best Colour Names / Makeup Geek Original Eyeshadows

I know, it’s another palette that technically isn’t a palette. I had a lot of trouble with this one, I like all the shadow names in my collection, so it’s hard to pick the best, and none are particularly funny like I’ve seen in some of The Balm’s palettes.. I ended up going with the MUG original eyeshadows mainly because I really like the name shimma shimma.


IMG_0931Least Used / Stila In The Know Palette

This is a great palette, I think the only reason I don’t use it much is because I tend to use the mattes housed in the other palettes, and it’s not often I do an all matte look. Maybe now the weather has cooled down I’ll pull this out a little more, I seem to gravitate towards more matte shadows in winter. Then again I did just recently purchase a bunch of matte shadows from MUG, so maybe this little guy will remain at the bottom of the pile.



IMG_0936Most Used, Most Loved, Desert Island / Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

I adore this palette. It smells like chocolate! The colours are beautiful, pigmented and not at all powdery in texture. There’s so many options for different looks, and the highlighting shade in the bottom right hand corner doubles as a beautiful cheek highlighter. The mirror is a bit lacklustre, but the shadows more than make up for it. I just can’t go past the smell, it wafts up to you as soon as you open the palette. Using this palette is like an experience all on it’s own,  I can’t say enough good things about this one. If I was only able to hold on to one of my eyeshadow palettes in some horrible alternate universe, this would be it.

I hope you enjoyed this tag post! Now I tag all of you, and leave a comment and let me know if you love any of these palettes as much as I do, I’d love to know what everyone else is favouring.

Until next time,

xo, Nifty.

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Palette Tag

  1. The Cosmetic Café says:

    Loved this post! I have an addiction to palettes too, so I really enjoyed this! My favorite palette right now is the Naked 3 palette. 🙂 I will have to do this tag sometime! My blog is very new and I’m still looking for things I’d like to post, so thanks for the idea!


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