Battle of the Brow Mascaras

IMG_0939Before the battle begins I thought I would give you all a little preface on why this brow mascara fight has come to be. I’ve been using Benefit’s Gimme Brow for 3 months or so now and I love it! I’m not one for spending time filling in my eyebrows everyday, ain’t nobody got time for that! However I do want my eyebrows to appear hairier for want of a better word. I have sparse, very fine brows, and gimme brow does a great job of giving them a little extra oomph with just a few swipes. Recently I’ve been seeing the likes of Shaaanxo go on about L’Oreals’s new Brow Artist Plumper and thought it was the perfect opportunity to give a more affordable option a try. I’ve been using L’Oreal’s offering for the last week, so it’s time to get this battle started.

IMG_0941Contender number 1. Gimme Brow in light/medium by Benefit Cosmetics.

IMG_0940Contender number 2. Brow Artist Plumper in blonde by L’Oreal.

Round 1 / The applicator wand

IMG_0946First into the ring is the gimme brow. It boasts a tiny applicator wand measuring 10mm in length and 4mm at it’s widest. Made of classic bristles in a spiral formation, this applicator gets the product onto individual brow hairs while avoiding the surrounding skin. However, this applicator holds a lot of product, arguably too much product for an eyebrow. Removal of excess product is required.

IMG_0945Here comes the brow artist plumper! Just look at the size of that applicator wand. Another classic bristled spiral formation number that’s larger in size with a length of 15mm and 7mm at it’s widest point. Slightly lacking in precision, however it holds less product between the bristles so there’s no need to remove the excess with this one.

Round 2 / The formula


IMG_0947Gimme brow is marketed as a volumising fiber gel that adheres to hair and skin to create brows where there previously wasn’t, in a water resistant, long wearing formula. It certainly lives up to these claims! The light/medium shade is ashy and easily usable for many different brow colours, there’s no hint of warm tones in this gel, and it sets nice and matte. Brows stay in place all day, there’s no crispy feeling to the hairs, and it comes off easily with any makeup remover. You can even see the fibers in the gel when you pull out the applicator. Word of warning though, this gel thickens over time due to exposure to air, so application can get clumpy if there is too much product on the wand.


IMG_0948L’Oreal’s brow artist adds instant character to brows with its innovative fiber gel formula and is marketed as a waterproof matte finish. It’s hardly waterproof, water resistant definitely. As for the matte finish, I’m undecided. When I put the gel on the back of my hand I can clearly see tiny shimmers in it, but these don’t seem to translate onto the brows. Hopefully my brows haven’t been shimmering in the sunlight without my knowledge. This gel also runs very warm in colour, to the point where it’s not usable for people unless they have golden blonde locks. I myself have ombré blonde ends and naturally light  brown roots so it works for me. The gel is also pretty thin in consistency, I can’t see any of the fibers and find it lacking in the volume department, though it does hold my brows in place all day, and is easy to remove just like the gimme brow.

Round 3 / The price 

Benefit’s gimme brow comes in at $35.00 AUD for 3ml of product. A little pricey but the product does go a long way, however I’m nervous about how long it will last. It seems to be getting thicker and clumpier by the day, particularly in the colder weather. There are 2 colours available to choose from, however the light/medium colour is ashy enough that it could be considered quite universal for anyone with light brows and hair.

L’Oreal’s brow artist plumper gets you a generous 7ml of product for $18.95 AUD. Again this still seems pretty pricey, I mean it might as well be $20.00, but you do get more than double the amount of product. I can’t comment on whether the formula dries out over time as mine has only been open for a week. The brow artist offers 2 shades to pick from, however the lightest shade runs very warm, and the darker shade is made for ladies with dark brows and locks, so there will likely be many people who can’t use this product.

The Brow Mascara Championship goes to… Benefit’s Gimme Brow!

It turned out to be a pretty close fight in the end didn’t it? I enjoy using both products and they both seem to do what they claim, but the more universal characteristic of the gimme brow pushed it over the line, even though it is the less economical of the two. I’ll definitely still continue to use the brow artist plumper though, it’s nice for days when I don’t want as much volume to my brows and a little more warmth to them, rather than the ashy tone of the gimme brow.

Do any of you have either of these brow mascaras? Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

xo, Nifty.

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