High-end Makeup & Skin Care Haul

IMG_0976I’ve been naughty and done a hefty amount of damage on high end beauty products as of late. This wasn’t picked up all in one hit, though I did gather all these goodies in the space of about 2 weeks. I don’t know about you guys, but I love living vicariously through other bloggers and drooling over their purchases, so I thought maybe you might like to marvel at what I bought too. I’ve also added in some brief thoughts on some of the products in case you were wondering what my first impressions are.

First up I thought I’d show you the skin care products I picked up.IMG_0983Here we have the Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-infused Complexion Prep Spray. I’ve been eyeing this one off for a while, because I kind of just love the idea of skin care being sprayed onto the face rather than applied with fingers. It just grabs me, you know? This is supposed to reduce redness, minimise pores and control oil production. I don’t really have huge pores, oily skin or a lot of redness… it sounds like a dud purchase when I say that. That being said, I have been really enjoying spritzing this on morning and night before applying my serums. It’s so refreshing!

I also got the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II for both the face and eyes. I’ve been wanting to add in a good antioxidant rich serum to my night time skin care routine, so I did some research and decided on Estée Lauder’s offerings. These guys have a cult following, so I must admit, I’ve got high hopes for these products. I’ve only used it a couple of times, but so far so good. No adverse skin reactions to speak of.

IMG_0978You would have already seen the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Luminous Bronze Light Bronzer (what a mouthful) in my last post, so you already know this is a new addition to my makeup stash. It’s beautiful, what more can I say?

I also picked up the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour Blush in Blissful. I haven’t actually used this yet, so I can’t really give you my thoughts on it. What I can say is that I had a hard time choosing just one shade from this line, so hopefully I chose well and this one will work for me.

I couldn’t walk away from Sephora without Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone. I’ve watched Nikkietutorials (seriously, if you don’t know who this is, go watch her on youtube stat) use this highlighter over and over again, and I’ve been lusting after it for such a long time. If you have fair skin and are in the market for a highlighting powder, and you have some cash to burn, you need this in your life like yesterday.

IMG_0985In terms of base makeup, I’ve grabbed a few products I’ve been wanting to try for quite some time, but couldn’t justify it to myself…. until now that is.

We have the It Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC cream in Fair. I love my Skin79 BB cream (it’s a Korean brand), so I wanted to test out a western brand alternative. The coverage is phenomenal for a CC cream, I’m just not sure if ‘fair’ was the right shade to go with, maybe I could have gotten away with the next shade down. I’m not sure.

I got the travel size of the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, and so far so good on this one. I’m undecided on whether I will shell out for the full size once I use this one up as the product doesn’t seem to go very far. I don’t know if you can see, but I’m already about a third of the way through this  9ml size, and I’ve only used it for 5 or 6 days (that’s 1 pump per day).

I also grabbed the Clarins Instant Concealer in shade no. 1. I won’t go into depth here (keep an eye out for a review post soon), but this stuff is by far my favourite under eye concealer ever.

IMG_0986YSL continues to draw me in with it’s pretty packaging, and the feeling of luxury when I use their products. So I of course picked up 3 things from them.

First is the YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll Mascara in Brown. My old brown mascara bit the dust a little while ago, so I’ve been on the hunt for a new one. I don’t like to wear black mascara during the day, it’s just too obvious against my fair skin. I much prefer a brown, and this mascara is simply gorgeous. Look at that gold tube of amazingness.

Next is two of the YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil lip products. These are the shades no. 1 (the orange) and no. 8 (the purple). Side note here – I am not a lipstick girl. It just doesn’t work for me. I have the habit of chewing on my lips when I’m nervous, or bored, or hungry, or tired or whenever really, so lipstick is a no no. Lip tints or stains however are right up my alley. The orange shade is quite subtle on my lips, and the purple one really gives my lips a bright berry colour.

IMG_0979Finally we have 2 powder compact products by Bobbi Brown. I’ve never owned anything by Bobbi, but I’ve always wanted to try their shimmer bricks. I kind of also got lured into one of their Brightening Bricks while browsing the stand at Mecca Maxima. I think both of these are marketed as highlighting blushes, but on me these are the most pretty shimmery blushes you could want. I got the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose and the Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick in Coral. Here are some close ups for your enjoyment.


IMG_0980Just look at the shimmer, and the pinks, and the corals, and that gold in the coral brightening brick, not to mention the sleek black packaging. It’s just too good.

I just realised theres an Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe that should have been thrown in there somewhere. Anyway, it’s a great eyebrow pencil, loving it at the moment.

So that’s it, my extravagant high-end beauty haul. A little bit excessive, I know, but high-end makeup makes me happy. Nothing wrong with materialistic happiness right?

Until next time,

xo, Nifty.

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