Clarins Instant Concealer Review

Guys, I think I’ve found my holy grail under eye concealer! Read on to see why I think Clarins’ Instant Concealer takes first prize in the under eye concealer games.


Before this concealer entered my life I had religiously been using the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer under my eyes. I’m not gonna lie, I was heavily influenced by watching every youtube beauty guru you could think of rave on and on about it, so it must have been good right? Wrong.

Although the Nars concealer is great for covering blemishes and pigmentation, I just couldn’t get it to work how I wanted it to under my eyes. Sure, it covered the dark circles, but it also would crease like no tomorrow and make the skin under my eyes look super dry and crepe-like (you all know what I mean here). So I bought some hydrating eye creams to try and tackle the dryness with no success, it still looked like crumpled tissue paper under there, not a good look. Of course I continued to wear it because I had nothing else (idiot move). It was so bad it made me look tired, and people would always comment on how tired I looked – that is not the goal of under eye concealer!

In comes Clarins Instant Concealer. I can’t exactly remember where I first heard about this, though I’m going to hazard a guess at the Pixiwoo sisters. This concealer is marketed towards ageing eyes, but it’s also geared for reviving tired eyes. That’s a big tick for what I wanted as a shift worker, so I popped off to the shops to pick this up (once my Nars concealer ran out).

I was pleasantly surprised by the price as I was expecting something with higher dollar marks in Australia, particularly when I was comparing to the price of the Nars concealer. Here’s a quick break down of cost for you. The Nars concealer gives you 6ml of product for $40 AUD. The Clarins concealer gives you 15ml of product for $38 AUD. That’s more than double the amount of product for less money. That right there is enough to make anyone boycott the Nars option.

IMG_0990You can see in the picture that it’s a more fluid consistency concealer, rather than a creamy concealer. I actually prefer this as I find the thinner concealers are far easier to blend in with your fingers than the creamier options. The texture actually reminds me of the Maybelline Fit Me concealer (this is a fabulous drugstore option if that’s more within your budget).

It’s not just the consistency that makes this concealer so fantastic for the under eye area, it’s the ingredients. Guys, it’s got aloe vera extract in it! This concealer actually provides hydration to the delicate under eye area, rather than sucking every last bit of moisture from the skin. Not to mention the caffeine (which is amazing for dark circles and puffiness), or the light optimising complex that illuminates the area without any shimmer or glitter particles. This stuff truly is a god send to anyone who needs to hide tired eyes. It’s magic in a tube, what more can I say?

Now it’s time to see this gem of a product in action! I’ll post a ‘before’ picture first, and an ‘after’ picture right underneath for your viewing pleasure.


IMG_0993Just look at that! The pictures speak for themselves really, this concealer truly deserves it’s holy grail status. I know you can still see some bluish tones around the inner corner of my eyes, but that doesn’t bother me at all. It’s also nowhere near as full coverage as the Nars one, but I kind of like looking a bit more natural anyway. It almost looks like I’ve put a soft focus effect on the ‘after’ shot, but I swear there was no editing whatsoever (other than a quick image crop). Both photos were taken in the exact same spot with the exact same lighting conditions – natural light by the window if anyone was wondering. The skin under my eyes looks smoother and more hydrated. A girl couldn’t ask for anything more from her under eye concealer.

Would I go back to the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer? Never. Never ever. I’d be happy to stick to this one for the rest of my days, which is what I intend to do (at least until this concealer stops working how it should, if that should ever happen).

My advice? Ditch the heavy coverage, creamy, drying formulas of concealer and switch to a formula specifically designed for use on the delicate under eye area. Your skin will thank you for it in the long run.

Until next time,

xo, Nifty.


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