Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette


Reviews of this palette have been done to absolute death since it’s release date, But I don’t think one more could hurt. Plus it’s my day off, so I was feeling productive and wanted to do some blogging. With the goal of keeping this post to a reasonably small length, lets get started!

I’ve been obsessed with Urban Decay shadows ever since I began watching countless youtube beauty gurus sprout on about how gorgeously pigmented and blendable they were – and I have to admit, every single one of those youtube beauty’s were right. If that’s one of you, THANKYOU! I would have never known about this brand if it wasn’t for you. Urban Decay describes this palette as rose-hued neutrals, which is pretty darn obvious (sorry UD). That aside, this really is a beautiful palette that could work for any skin tone and eye colour. Below is a photo of what’s inside the palette, plus the free gift (I won’t go into the gift, I think it’s fairly unremarkable compared to past freebies).


That’s not a bad photo, even if I do say so myself! Moving on, as you can see the colours range from light to dark, with a majority being mid-tone, which I personally prefer. I don’t know about my fellow bloggers out there, but I CANNOT pull off a dark smokey eye on an everyday basis. I work in healthcare, it’s just not appropriate for me, so the fact there is more light colours here suits me to a tee. The brush is a great addition to the palette, though I have so many Sigma brushes that I probably won’t use this one all that regularly – though you can never have enough blending brushes. The only thing that slightly annoys me is that I can’t store this brush with all my other brushes because it’s double ended. It will have to live in the palette, just like my Naked 2 and Vice palette brushes. On to the swatches! My personal favourite part. All swatches were done on bare skin, and photos taken in natural light.


Strange: A matte creamy coloured shade with a hint of pink. Smooth consistency and goes on very pigmented – perfect for highlighting the brow bone, even on my fair skin.

Dust: Glittery pale pink. This shadow has a very gritty texture with a bucket load of fall-out. Great for the inner corner, though I would suggest applying with a damp brush to avoid having glitter all over your face.

Burnout: A peachy pink colour with a satin finish. A nice smooth texture and easy to apply.

Limit: I’d describe this as a light mauve/brown colour with a pinky undertone. Very smooth with a matte finish. Great transition colour.


Buzz: Highly pigmented shimmery shade, straight up pink in colour with silver micro-glitter (I don’t see the coppery tones others have mentioned). Very soft and buttery in texture. One of my favourites from the palette.

Trick: Another favourite, a warm copper/rose hue, reminds me of Chopper from the Naked 2. Not as pigmented as I expected, but beautiful nonetheless. I imagine it would apply really well with a damp brush.

Nooner: Plummy brown matte shade, nice and soft, slightly powdery. A great crease colour. I think this shade will get a lot of use.

Liar: Medium brown colour with the tiniest bit of grey depending on how you look at it. Love the texture on this one. Metallic finish.


Factory: On my skin tone this colour is a dark brown with reddish undertones. Satin finish. Highly pigmented and applies smoothly.

Mugshot: To me, Mughsot reminds me of Tease from the Naked 2, only with a metallic/shimmery finish, and slightly darker in colour. Pigmented and buttery in texture. Another favourite of mine.

Darkside: I’m undecided on this colour, in the pan it looks like a plummy grey/taupe colour, but when swatched it looked more grey, with some purple undertones depending on the lighting. It’s also almost a matte finish rather than a satin. Will be great to darken up the crease.

Blackheart: This shade looks beautiful in the pan, and is definitely not a black. It’s more of a very dark brown, with the red micro-glitter. You can’t really see the glitter in the swatch, but in direct sunlight it definitely shows up. It would be a beautiful liner, or all over lid colour for a darker look.


Overall, another fantastic offering from UD. I haven’t had a chance to actually have a good play with this palette as I only received it yesterday, and this review post has taken me a good 2 – 3  hours. Who knew that blogging would be so time consuming? Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into this little beauty, and with any luck I’ll post some eye looks I’ve created with this palette.

If any of you have this palette (which I’m sure you do), let me know some of your favourite colour combinations! Please don’t hesitate to link me to your tutorials too! I’d love some inspiration on eye looks done with this palette.

xo, Nifty.


2 thoughts on “Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

  1. lilispad says:

    So I’m knew at this but I’m sure you’ll see this? Hi I’m Lili btw! I love the naked 3 as well. I’ve had the chance to wear it out with some awesome looks. Sadly, I’m not much of a pink person so for everyday typa looks… not too crazy… I have a picture of one specific look I did that I love! Check it out if you can and let me know what you think maybe


    • niftynatter says:

      I’m new as well! I’m finding it really fun to put my thoughts on paper so to speak, and hopefully it’s enjoyable to read. Is the pic of your look with the naked3 the one in your header on your blog? If so, it looks great! Really nice application. Loving the liner too. I’m finding I still need a lot of practice with liner. I’m finding that liquid pen type liners are easiest for me at the moment.


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